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What are the misunderstandings about essential oil bottles? - Maypak

June 26, 2024

As we all know, pure essential oils are extremely volatile. If they are placed directly in the air or exposed to sunlight, the essential oils will evaporate quickly. Generally, when preserving essential oils, they must be stored in a dry and cool place. At the same time, essential oil is also insoluble in water and can only be dissolved in pure alcohol, fat or oil liquids (In addition to containing essential oils, glass bottles also have other types of packaging: Perfume Glass Bottles, Cream Glass Jars, and Lotion Glass Bottles).

Regarding the color of glass containers for storing essential oils, there are currently many public opinions advocating that dark-colored glass bottles must be chosen. Some businesses even pointed out that the color of glass bottles is one of the criteria for judging the quality of essential oils. is this real?

1. Differences in Glass Bottle Colors:

Glass contains iron oxide, which can be brought into the glass through raw materials, sand, limestone and broken glass in the glass ingredients. It exists in two forms: one is divalent iron that turns the color of the glass into dark blue, and the other is The decolorization of ferric iron, which turns the color of glass into yellow, is to oxidize divalent iron ions into ferric iron, because the hue intensity of ferric iron is only one-tenth that of divalent iron. Then add a toner to neutralize the color to a light green.

2. Internet Information is Misleading Like This:

Sunlight, light, high heat, and humidity will destroy the components of essential oils, so essential oils must be stored in dark glass bottles. At present, pure essential oils are mostly bottled in dark brown, amber, dark blue, and dark green glass bottles. Among them, dark blue and dark green glass bottles are more expensive because they can store essential oils for 6 months longer than dark brown and amber ones.

3. What’s The Truth?

01. Glass bottles of different colors actually have the same price in commercial wholesale, and there is not much difference.

02. As for the price of dark blue and dark green glass bottles, it is unscientific to say that the storage period of essential oils is 6 months longer than that of dark brown and amber bottles. Since dark blue and dark green glass bottles preserve products so well, why are there no chemical reagents? Medical materials in bottles of this color can be stored for up to six months. What an attractive statement, but glass manufacturers cannot say the same. There is such a reason.

03. Are the essential oils packaged in light-colored glass bottles from non-professional manufacturers or of low quality? This is nonsense. From the perspective of avoiding direct sunlight, dark glass bottles do have a better light-shielding effect than light-colored glass bottles, but the essential oils we usually use are indoors, and the chance of direct sunlight is greatly reduced, so as long as they are indoors, avoid direct sunlight. Under the circumstances, the impact of light-colored glass and dark-colored glass on the quality of essential oils is completely negligible.

04. Essential oils with different components, whether single or compound, have different natural colors. The important reason why many businesses choose dark glass bottles to package essential oils is that it is difficult to see the color and quality of the essential oils in dark glass bottles, which is the root of the problem.

Conclusion: The color of an essential oil bottle is just an expression of the appearance color. It has little to do with its shading and shielding properties. Therefore, when choosing an essential oil bottle, don’t care about the color. If you like brown, buy brown. Bottles, if you like blue, buy blue, if you like green, buy green. This is just a personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of the bottle. Whether it is brown, blue, green, white or other colors, it achieves The purpose is the same and the effect is the same. Therefore, the color of the essential oil bottle has nothing to do with any technical indicators of the essential oil. We can safely choose essential oils in bottles of different colors to use without worrying about which color bottle is better for the essential oils. The key to choosing essential oils is to look at the purity, aroma stability and other factors of the essential oil itself.

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