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February 20, 2024

Introduction: Masterbatch is a plastic colorant that is well dispersed with a high proportion of pigments or additives and thermoplastic resin. The selected resin has good wetting and dispersing effects on the colorant, and has good interaction with the coloring material. Compatibility, this article briefly describes the relevant knowledge of masterbatch, the content is for your reference:

Masterbatch Particles

Color masterbatch is a new type of special colorant for polymer materials, also known as pigment preparation. In our industry, it can be used on any plastic products you want to customize the color, such as: Cosmetic Bottle Caps, Plastic Eye Cream Bottles, Plastic Perfume Bottles, etc. It is composed of three basic elements: pigments or dyes, carriers and additives. It is an aggregate obtained by evenly loading a super-normal amount of pigments or dyes in a resin. It can be called a pigment concentrate, so its tinting power is high. to the paint itself. To put it simply, a color masterbatch is an aggregate made by evenly loading a super-normal amount of pigment or dye into a resin.

   1. Composition   

Pigments or Dyes

Pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments

Commonly used organic pigments include: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, light-fast red, macromolecular red, macromolecular yellow, permanent yellow, permanent purple, azo red, etc.

Commonly used inorganic pigments include: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, etc.


The carrier is the matrix of the masterbatch. For special masterbatch, the same resin as the product resin is generally selected as the carrier. The two have the best compatibility, but the fluidity of the carrier must also be considered.


To promote the uniform dispersion of pigments and no longer agglomeration, the melting point of the dispersant should be lower than that of the resin, have good compatibility with the resin, and have good affinity with the pigment. The most commonly used dispersants are: polyethylene low molecular weight wax and stearate.


Such as flame retardant, brightening, antibacterial, antistatic, antioxidant and other varieties. Unless the customer requests it, the above additives are generally not included in the color masterbatch.

   2. Advantages   

01. Make the pigment have better dispersion in the product

During the production process of masterbatch, the pigment must be refined to improve the dispersion and tinting power of the pigment. The carrier of the special color masterbatch is the same as the plastic type of the product, and has good matching. After heating and melting, the pigment particles can be well dispersed in the plastic product.

02. Helps maintain the chemical stability of pigments

If the pigment is used directly, since the pigment is in direct contact with the air during storage and use, the pigment will absorb water, oxidize and other phenomena. After being made into a color masterbatch, the resin carrier will isolate the pigment from air and moisture, which can prevent the quality of the pigment from improving for a long time to Change.

03. Ensure the stability of product color

Masterbatch particles are similar to resin particles, making them more convenient and accurate in measurement. They will not stick to the container during mixing, and are mixed with the resin more evenly. Therefore, the stability of the added amount can be ensured, thereby ensuring the stability of the color of the product.

04. Protect the health of operators

Pigments are generally in powder form and easily fly when added and mixed. If inhaled by the human body, it will affect the health of the operator.

05. Keep the environment clean

06.Easy to use

   3. The Difference Between General Color Masterbatch and Special Color Masterbatch   

Special color masterbatch

It is a color masterbatch produced by selecting the same plastic as the carrier according to the type of plastic used in the product specified by the user. For example, PP masterbatch and ABS masterbatch use PP and ABS as carriers respectively.

Universal color masterbatch

A certain resin (often low melting point PE) is also used as a carrier, but it can be applied to the coloring of other resins besides its carrier resin.

Universal color masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but it has many shortcomings. It is recommended that you choose special color masterbatch.

Why don't many companies produce universal color masterbatch? Most regular masterbatch companies in the world generally do not produce general-purpose masterbatch. Universal color masterbatch has many shortcomings. In fact, the "universal" scope of general color masterbatch is very narrow, and the technical indicators and economic benefits are also poor. The specific manifestations are:

01. Poor predictability of coloring effects

Masterbatch is used for coloring. The pigments of general masterbatch will show different colors in different plastics, so the coloring effect is less predictable.

02. Affect other properties of plastic products

Especially affecting the strength, the product is easily deformed and twisted, which is more obvious for engineering plastics.

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