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May 16, 2023

   Plastic Bottle   

Plastic Bottles are made of various materials, including ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), PET (polyethylene terephthalate), AS (benzene Ethylene-acrylonitrile copolymer), acrylic, etc.

Plastic bottles are the most common and have the most diverse shapes. They are translucent and transparent, and can be made into various hardness and light weight.

   Glass Bottle   

In cosmetics, Glass Bottles are mainly used for creams, ointments, lotions, essences, essential oils and other small products. Perfume products often use glass bottles to prevent liquids from volatilizing. The advantages of glass bottles are low cost, transparent and beautiful, and hand-feeling. The disadvantages are that they are heavy and easy to break.

According to the type of bottle mouth, glass bottles can be divided into Wide-Mouth Bottles and Narrow-Mouth Bottles. Wide-mouth bottles are mostly used for solid cream cosmetics such as face creams and smear masks, and narrow-mouth bottles are generally used for water and emulsion cosmetics.

Glass bottles are generally used with bottle caps, pump heads, or with droppers. The body of the glass bottle can be frosted, sprayed or silk-screened.

   Plastic Cosmetic Tube   

According to the number of layers, the Plastic Cosmetic Tube can be divided into single-layer, double-layer, and five-layer; according to the material, it can be divided into plastic tube and metal tube, etc. The most common one is plastic cosmetic tube, which is the packaging used for ordinary facial cleanser, and PE plastic is generally used.

The tube packaging has Good Airtightness, which can Isolate The Outside Air and Prevent The Contents From Leaking Out. The anti-penetration ability of hoses with different layers is different. The tube is generally equipped with a rotating cap or a flip cap and the tube body can be processed by silk screen printing.

   Dark Glass Bottle   

After the Photosensitive Ingredients in cosmetics are oxidized by ultraviolet radiation, they may not only lose their activity and efficacy, but may even cause sensitization and toxicity. For example, ascorbic acid and ferulic acid are prone to photolytic oxidation, vitamin A alcohols and their derivatives, and furanocoumarins are photosensitive and phototoxic. In order to prevent such components from being photolytically oxidized by ultraviolet rays, the packaging must be Protected From Light. Generally, dark opaque glass bottles are used as packaging materials, and are often used with droppers.

Cosmetic brands that focus on functional ingredients often use dark glass bottles for packaging. It is not ruled out that dark glass bottles are chosen purely for traditional or appearance reasons to attract consumers.

   Airless Pump   

If the product ingredients have higher requirements on the airtightness of the packaging, a airless pump can be used, which is Suitable For Ingredients With Higher Air Barrier Requirements (such as ubiquinone and ascorbic acid for anti-oxidation), and easily oxidized oil ingredients (such as milk fruit butter), etc.

Airless pumps are generally made of AS material, and its remarkable advantage is that it can well isolate the contents from the outside air. There is a piston at the bottom of the bottle of the airless pump. When the pum is pressed, the piston at the bottom of the bottle moves upwards, the contents flow out, the space of the bottle body shrinks, and the air does not enter.

   Metal Cosmetic Tube   

If the product composition has high requirements for both Light Shading And Air Isolation, it is necessary to combine the light protection of the dark glass bottle with the sealing of the airless pump, and it becomes a metal hose. Retinol, eye cream, etc. often use this kind of packaging.

Usually stored in aluminum tubes, aluminum tubes have stronger airtightness, and can shield from light and moisture, which can better protect the activity of the contents.

   Ampoule Bottle   

Ampoule bottles are one of the popular inner packaging materials in the cosmetics industry in recent years, and their safety is remarkable. The idea of ampoule bottles in the cosmetic industry comes from ampoules in the medical industry. The ampoule  bottle can Keep The Active Ingredients Airtight, and is for One-Time Use, which can isolate air and pollutants and ensure product hygiene.

In addition, the glass ampoule bottle can be made into a dark color, so that it has a good Light-Shielding Effect. Products with aseptic filling and single-use ampoule bottles do Not Need To Add Preservatives, providing a new choice for consumers with severe skin sensitivity or who do not want to use products containing preservatives.

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