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May 24, 2023

Since the 1950s, the plastic packaging industry has been in a state of continuous advancement in terms of enterprise development, product innovation, and technological improvement. It is estimated that by 2023, the plastic packaging industry will continue to develop in a more intelligent and efficient direction, and have the following development trends:

  1. 1. The Development Of intelligent Technology Will Promote The Intelligent Transformation Of Industrial Production

With the development of new technologies, intelligent technology is also constantly developing and improving. In particular, intelligence has special advantages in automation or data acquisition technology, enabling the plastic packaging industry to have tangible technical assistance in product development, production, sales, marketing, etc., ensuring the sustainable development and continuous competence of enterprises environment. Intelligent technology can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise products, reduce the loss of semi-finished products, reduce production costs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

2. The Development Of Innovative Materials Will Bring Unprecedented Development

Innovative materials can bring unprecedented development to the plastic packaging industry. The plastic packaging industry in 2023 will promote more new and innovative plastic materials, such as biodegradable materials, reusable and recyclable materials, which will help reduce the environmental pollution of packaging products and improve the recycling of packaging products. Utilization, to achieve more sustainable development.

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3. The Development Of Informatization Will Improve Product Tracking And Management Efficiency

With the development of information technology, the plastic packaging industry will implement more RFID (radio frequency identification) and bar codes with automatic characteristics. This technology will effectively improve the efficiency of production tracking and management of packaging products, enabling enterprises to accurately identify each A packaged product, in this way, the product quality and the amount of raw materials can be strictly controlled, which helps enterprises reduce production costs and enhance market competitiveness.

4. The Development Of New Storage Technology Will Ensure Product Quality And Enhance Sustainability

With the rapid development of IT technology, enterprises will implement new storage technologies in the plastic packaging industry, such as cloud computing, big data, etc., which can conduct integrated retrospective supervision and storage of raw material sources, technological processes, and quality indicators of packaging products. This will greatly improve the quality of packaging products, prolong the service life of packaging, reduce the amount of packaging used, and achieve more sustainable development.

In the future, the plastic packaging industry is expected to make greater progress in intelligence, technological innovation, informatization, and storage technology. Comprehensively promote the update and development of technical equipment, strengthen the establishment of management concepts, and strictly implement the technical requirements of green environmental protection, which can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of plastic packaging products and ensure sustainable development.

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