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What are the common problems of lotion pump?- Maypak

June 02, 2023

Lotion pump products are widely used in Cosmetic Packaging, hairdressing packaging and washing products and other daily chemicals, cosmetics and Medical Product packaging. Huge and in high demand.

Problem 1: The air pressure of the lotion pump is high or there is no liquid or liquid leakage.

Cause Analysis:

1. The length of the hose is too long or the bottle body is shallow, which will block the entrance of the hose;

2. If the upper check valve or (and) the lower check valve of the lotion pump is damaged or lost;

3. The large circle of the piston is damaged or incomplete;

Problem 2: Leakage between the lotion pump and the mouth of the bottle

Cause Analysis:

1. The capping torque applied during filling is not enough;

2. The height of the bottle mouth is too small, so that the upper end of the bottle mouth cannot touch the gasket of the lotion pump after the braces are tightened;

Problem 3: It is difficult to rebound and reset after the lotion pump is pressed

Cause Analysis:

1. The viscosity of the feed liquid is too high, and the reset resistance is greater than the elasticity of the spring. It is recommended to choose a high-viscosity emulsion pump for feed liquids with high viscosity;

2. The elasticity of the lotion pump spring is not enough;

Problem 4: Deformation or cracking of lotion pump braces after filling or during filling

Cause Analysis:

1. The tightening torque applied to the braces during filling is too large

2. Before filling in winter, the emulsion pump is not placed at room temperature for a period of time, and the PP material under low temperature conditions is brittle and easy to crack;

Question 5: After pressing the lotion pump for many times, the bottle body is sucked

Cause Analysis:

1. The inner diameter of the bottle mouth is too small to block the balance air hole

2. Due to the wear of the mold, the air hole is blocked due to the lack of balance when the cylinder is formed.

3. The feed liquid is too viscous, and the design of the gas channel in the neck is too small

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