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What is an acrylic bottle?- Maypak

June 08, 2023

Acrylic Bottle, its raw material chemistry is commonly known as PMMA, in the field of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging, acrylic bottle is widely used in high-end cream, lotion and other Cosmetic Packaging, and is very popular in the market.

Acrylic has the same transparent texture as glass. Transparent texture is one of the important trends pursued by cosmetic packaging. The crystal-clear crystal-like appearance and rich and imaginative shapes make cosmetics suppliers favor transparent packaging.

1. Reasons Why Acrylic Bottles Are Popular In The Market

In the packaging of emulsion products, in addition to acrylic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. can also be used, but as far as the current emulsion product production industry is concerned, many manufacturers prefer to use acrylic packaging bottles , especially in the packaging of cosmetics, this kind of packaging bottle is widely used. So why do manufacturers prefer to use acrylic packaging bottles?

1. Reliable packaging of packaging bottles: Manufacturers prefer to choose acrylic bottles. The most fundamental reason is that the packaging bottles made of this material have excellent performance, have a very fast structure, and can withstand large external forces. It is easy to break like a glass bottle, so it can play a reliable role in packaging and protect the products inside.

2. The decorative effect of the packaging bottle is good: when manufacturers choose acrylic bottles, the first thing they value is its reliable packaging effect, and the second is the good performance of the packaging bottle made of this material in terms of decorative effect, especially if they want to use the beautiful appearance of the packaging bottle , to enhance the visual effect of the entire product, thereby promoting the attractiveness of the product to consumers.

3. The cost of packaging bottles is not high: the reason why manufacturers choose acrylic bottles is that they first value its excellent effect in product packaging and its many advantages and advantages. Secondly, it is because of the relationship between material and production. The cost of the bottle is not very high.

4. Excellent transparency. For acrylic bottles, compared with other common types of packaging bottles in the market, one of the most obvious features is that it has excellent transparency, and the light transmittance can reach more than 92%. It allows users to see the packaged products and have a more detailed understanding of them, thus attracting more users' attention.

5. Good aging resistance. In addition to the above-mentioned excellent transparency, the acrylic bottle has very good anti-aging performance in use. Even if it is used outdoors, users can rest assured that ultraviolet rays will not damage the bottle. To some molecular structures of the product, thus affecting the use effect of the product.

6. In practical applications, the primary benefit that acrylic bottles can bring is that it can provide designers with a variety of choices, and designers can use more innovative thinking to design, so that acrylic packaging bottles are in the market. It has more competitiveness, so that it can stand out from many competitors.

2. The Benefits Of Acrylic Bottles For Brand Products

1. Effectively improve product texture: When manufacturers use acrylic bottles to package products, they can rely on the excellent texture presented by the material of the packaging bottle to effectively improve the texture of the product, making the product look more high-end and refined visually.

2. Reliable protection of products: For manufacturers, the use of acrylic bottles can not only pack the products in it, but also rely on the strong and undamaged structure of the packaging bottles to reliably protect the products during transportation and storage. Leakage and other adverse phenomena occur during storage and transportation.

3. Promote product sales: If the manufacturer uses acrylic bottles in product packaging, it can improve the attractiveness of the product visually because of the good packaging effect, optimize the product sales work to a certain extent, and promote the product quality. Sales have effectively increased.

4. Exquisite packaging bottles can improve product grades: the reason why the use of acrylic bottles can promote product sales is because this kind of packaging bottles can present a very beautiful appearance as long as they are properly designed and produced under the promotion of materials and related characteristics. , so as to improve the grade of the product to a certain extent, so that consumers can trust the quality of the product more and have a better impression of the product.

5. The beautiful packaging bottle can attract the attention of consumers: it is said that acrylic bottles can promote product sales, mainly because this kind of packaging bottle is very beautiful. Under the condition of proper style design, it can ensure that the product presents a very beautiful appearance, so that It can visually attract the attention of consumers, thereby increasing the probability of consumers choosing this product.

6. The material of the packaging bottle is non-toxic and harmless and will not pollute the product: the reason why the use of acrylic bottles can protect the product is first of all because this packaging bottle does not contain any toxic and harmful ingredients in the material, so it will not be damaged due to the material. The problem contaminates the product in the inner packaging, and not only does it affect the composition of the product, but also the smell of the product.

7. The structure of the packaging bottle is strong and will not cause product leakage due to damage: From the perspective of the protective effect of the acrylic bottle on the product, the most important point is that the structure of the packaging bottle is strong and will not be easily damaged, so that it can Effectively ensure that the products installed inside do not leak out. The packaging bottle can be sealed without product leakage: the acrylic bottle has a protective effect on the product, and because this packaging bottle can be sealed, it can avoid product leakage during transportation.

8. The high transparency of the packaging bottle can show the appearance of the product: the transparency of the acrylic material is very high, so the acrylic bottle produced can also achieve high transparency. The high transparency of itself clearly shows the original appearance of the product. In this way, when consumers purchase the product, they can directly observe the product inside from the outside of the bottle.

9. The high aesthetics of the packaging bottle can improve the visual effect of the product: due to the high transparency of the acrylic bottle, it can present high-grade color and texture. At the same time, this packaging bottle can be processed into many colors, and the surface can also be printed. It can take advantage of the high aesthetics of the packaging bottle to effectively improve the visual effect of the product.

10. More attractive to users. Compared with other common types of packaging bottles, the primary role that acrylic bottles can bring in the market is that it attracts the attention of users more in the market development, mainly because it has a lot of acrylic packaging bottles in the market. Color, and the user's pursuit of color is relatively strict, so the colorful acrylic packaging bottle is more attractive to users.

Satisfy the various choices of users. In addition to the above, acrylic bottles can also meet various needs of users in the market. This is because acrylic packaging bottles also have a lot of varieties in the market, so it greatly enriches the needs of users in the market. The selection range meets the needs of different users.

3. Basic Requirements When Purchasing

1. Hygienic Requirements

The purchase requirements of acrylic bottles need to pay attention to the hygienic requirements and the guarantee of hygienic requirements in order to ensure the safety in use, meet the needs of use in hygiene, and avoid the lack of hygiene. lead to problems in food safety.

2. Style Requirements

When purchasing acrylic bottles, you need to pay attention to the requirements in terms of style, and meet the needs of display in terms of style. Because of the difference in style, there are differences in storage capacity, use and use time, and you need to ensure that Conformity in style guarantees quality.

3. Display Requirements

Considering the purchase of acrylic bottles, you need to pay attention to the requirements for the display effect. For the guarantee of the display effect and the aesthetic satisfaction of the display, it is a means to attract consumers. It is necessary to ensure that the display is suitable for use. The need to avoid insufficient display.

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