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June 15, 2023

The main container packaging materials of cosmetics are nothing more than three categories: "Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, and Cosmetic Tubes", all of which play different important roles in cosmetic packaging. Among them: glass bottles account for no more than 8%, and the other 90% of the market share is plastic bottles, hoses, etc. However, there is such a special phenomenon in the cosmetics industry, that is, "high-end cosmetics all prefer glass bottle packaging".

Why do high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging? What is the reason behind it? For this reason, this issue of the author is dedicated to discussing the phenomenon of communication, so as to understand the story behind it together.

   Which One Is Better For Cosmetic Packaging, Glass Bottles Or Plastic Bottles?   

For the packaging of cosmetics, especially skin care products, is it better to use glass bottles or plastic bottles? This question of choice has been debated for a long time, but no one seems to be able to convince anyone, and each still chooses the "suitable" packaging material - after all, stir-fried radish Everyone has their own preferences!

In fact, whether it is glass bottles or plastic bottles, there is no absolute good or bad for these packaging materials. Different companies, different brands, and different products.It should be a matter of course to choose different "suitable" (core) packaging materials according to their respective brand and product positioning, cost, and profit target requirements.

Next, let's analyze the advantages, disadvantages and differences between glass bottles and plastic bottles, which may help you make a better choice.

*Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Bottles


1. Compared with glass products, plastic bottles have lower density, lighter weight, adjustable transparency, not easy to break, convenient for storage and transportation, and easy for consumers to carry and use.

2. Plastic bottles have good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, high mechanical strength, easy shaping, and low production loss.

3. Plastic products are easy to color, and colors can be adjusted according to needs, which is easier to achieve packaging design requirements.

4. Compared with glass bottles, the cost of plastic bottles will be relatively low.


1. Plastic materials are prone to chemical reactions with cosmetics, which can easily cause cosmetics to deteriorate.

2. Plastic bottles are prone to static electricity and the surface is easily polluted.

3. Plastic packaging containers are not environmentally friendly, and discarded materials will cause environmental pollution.

4. The overall appearance of plastic packaging containers is relatively cheap, and it is not suitable for high-end routes.

*Advantages And Disadvantages Of Glass Bottles


1. Glass bottles have good stability and barrier properties, are non-toxic and tasteless, and are not easy to produce chemical reactions with skin care products, and are not easy to deteriorate.

2. The glass bottle has good transparency, and the contents are clearly visible. The "appearance + effect" conveys a high-end feeling to consumers.

3. The glass bottle has good rigidity, is not easy to deform, and is heavier. Consumers hold it in their hands and feel more material.

4. Glass bottles have good temperature tolerance, can be sterilized at high temperature, and can also be stored at low temperature; glass bottles are more convenient and thorough than plastic bottles to sterilize.

5. The glass bottle can be recycled and reused, and has no pollution to the environment.


1. Glass bottles are brittle, easy to break, and difficult to store and transport.

2. Glass bottles are heavy, and the transportation costs are high, especially for e-commerce express delivery.

3. Glass bottles consume a lot of energy during processing and pollute the environment.

4. Compared with plastic bottles, glass bottles have poor printing performance.

5. Compared with plastic bottles, the cost of glass bottles is high, the cost of mold opening is high, and the minimum order quantity is relatively large.

To sum up, through the comparative analysis of the "advantages" and "disadvantages" of the packaging bottles of the two materials, they are different in nature, characteristics, and advantages. The "advantages" and "disadvantages" are very clear.

I personally think that if considering cost, storage and transportation, and design performance, corporate brands can prefer plastic bottles; if considering stable quality, product appearance, and product grades, especially high-end cosmetics, corporate brands can prefer glass bottles.

   Reasons Why High-End Cosmetics Prefer Glass Bottle Packaging   

Reason 1: Maintain and improve the basic function of protecting the contents

High-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging. The key is to maintain and improve the basic function of protecting the contents, and pursue high function, multi-function and quality assurance. Especially in the era of "functional skin care" change, more and more high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging.

The above analysis has shown that glass bottles have good stability, good barrier properties, heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and are not easy to chemically react with skin care products, and are not easy to deteriorate. Therefore, in terms of "safety and stability", glass bottles are the most reassuring material, and they definitely win! Cosmetics are packaged in glass bottles, which is more conducive to the preservation of skin care products such as anti-oxidation, anti-aging and whitening effects, because these ingredients are highly active and easily affected by light.

In addition, glass bottles have a high barrier to gas, which also makes glass bottles the preferred packaging material for perfumes and other products that are volatile and easy to lose their fragrance. Therefore, the perfume packaging on the market is basically made of glass bottles.

Reason 2: Maximize customer attraction and brand performance

Ordinary cosmetics are mostly in the form of liquid, emulsion or paste, which do not have a distinctive appearance. It must express its own character through beautiful and unique glass bottle design. Most of the products on the market now use translucent or fully transparent glass bottles to highlight the composition and color of the liquid. From the point of view of consumers, first of all, it must attract consumers' attention (catch consumers' eyeballs), and then trigger consumers' desire to buy. Thorough purity, nobility and elegance are the charm of glass bottles.

Therefore, the design and adoption of stylish, eye-catching, energetic and interesting outer glass bottles is one of the means for cosmetics manufacturers to win. Therefore, as the "coat" of the product, the glass bottle must not only have the function of holding and protecting the product, but also must have the function of attracting purchases and guiding consumption.

Especially in terms of terminal display, scene marketing, atmosphere marketing, etc., glass bottle cosmetics are very advantageous and powerful. In this way, glass bottles are the best choice to undertake the important task of "maximizing customer attraction and brand performance".

Reason 3: Maximize the quality and value of cosmetics

In the market, various skin care concepts are emerging one after another, and various glass bottles are competing for splendor, making people dazzled. Many products not only sell efficacy, but also fashion and culture. The fashion and culture of cosmetics are usually what we call taste.

How to reflect the taste of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product counter display, glass bottles are an important link and an important carrier. A decent glass bottle can not only directly stimulate the senses of consumers, but also fully reflect the taste of the product. In addition, the heavy feeling of glass bottles can double the trust of consumers and improve the grade of cosmetics, which cannot be achieved by plastic packaging.

Cosmetics are "selling dreams, selling fashion, and selling hope". The psychological value of cosmetics plays a very important role. For example, the price of the same 5g cream, such as Clé de Skin, Guerlain, La Mer, and La Prairie, can be as high as thousands 10,000 yuan, while domestic brands are generally only a few hundred or tens of yuan or even lower. Therefore, the price of the cream covers the psychological value of the product's appearance, glass bottle decoration, trademark, corporate image and other factors.

To sum up, plastic packaging materials cannot be compared with glass products in terms of attracting customers and expressing brand, taste and value.

Reason 4: Glass bottles can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment

Under the "Plastic Restriction Order", new packaging materials that are green, environmentally friendly and reusable have become an inevitable choice for enterprises, and cosmetics are no exception.

Data shows that Coc*-Col*, Peps*, and Nestl* are the top three plastic polluters in the world for discarded plastic bottles. Under the pressure of relevant laws and external public opinion, they have successively implemented measures such as recycling plastic bottles and promoting renewable plastic bottles, but there is still a long way to go before using "degradable plastics".

As a leading country in cosmetics, France has always been very reluctant to accept plastic products, and various "plastic restriction orders" have emerged in an endless stream. In 2019, PepsiCo's Tropicana orange juice was in trouble, and it was actually boycotted by the French people-the reason was that the packaging of its orange juice was changed from a "glass bottle" to a "plastic bottle".

Peps*Co believes that by changing from the original glass bottle to a fully transparent plastic bottle, through color and perfect visual senses, it can fully display its natural and pure juice in order to attract more consumers. However, it was never expected that such a small change would cause the French people to boycott Tropicana orange juice (anti-plastic), and eventually had to use the original glass bottle packaging.

Therefore, glass bottles can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment, which should be one of the important reasons why high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging.

Zero carbon emissions, empty bottle recycling, degradable packaging materials, environmental protection and public welfare activities... In recent years, cosmetics companies have been particularly keen on environmental protection, and spare no effort to find better ways to promote the sustainable development of the earth. Under the "environmental protection trend", cosmetics companies are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Among them, the recycling of glass bottles was carried out to attract consumers to participate in environmental protection activities. On the one hand, it shoulders its own responsibilities and directly faces environmental challenges and social responsibilities; on the other hand, it actively communicates with consumers through these environmental protection activities, which greatly enhances the corporate brand reputation.

The above four reasons show that there is no doubt that glass bottles are used as packaging materials for high-end cosmetics, and they are also very ideal choices. Although the proportion of glass bottles in cosmetic packaging containers is not large, it still has irreplaceable advantages in the field of packaging, and is still the first choice for high-end cosmetics in the short term.

   How To Choose Cosmetic Glass Bottle Manufacturers   

As already analyzed above, "maintain and improve the basic functions of protecting the contents, maximize the attraction of customers and brand performance, maximize the improvement of cosmetics grade and value, glass bottles can be recycled and reused, and have no pollution to the environment" is the preferred choice of glass for high-end cosmetics. The "big four" reasons for the bottle.

Then, in view of the above "four major" reasons, how to choose "excellent" glass bottle manufacturers for cosmetics companies has become the key. Therefore, when choosing a cosmetic glass bottle manufacturer, it is very important to test the brand side-Because it involves many aspects such as quality, quality, price, efficiency, market competitiveness, and corporate profits.

So, how to choose cosmetic glass bottle manufacturers? After sorting it out, we believe that brand dressing plants can generally be assessed, evaluated, and selected from the following three aspects:

1. Design and development capabilities, innovative technologies:
The appearance, style and quality of glass bottles reflect the design and development capabilities and innovative technologies of glass bottle manufacturers. Therefore, this is the first element in choosing a company. Especially for brands that need to open "private molds", they must consider the company's "mould opening" capabilities, including design, material selection, cycle time, cost, process details, effects, etc.

2. Glass bottle price and cost performance

The price and cost performance of glass bottles are powerful weapons to determine the market competition of brand cosmetics in the environment of homogeneity and overproduction. Generally speaking, for "cheap and high-quality" glass bottles, enterprises can only have product advantages in competition and reasonable profit margins.

3. Production scale and production efficiency

The production qualification, number of production lines, production equipment, production quality and production efficiency of glass bottle manufacturers directly determine the quantity and speed of product supply in the later stage, and indirectly determine the marketing performance of the company's brand. In this way, it can effectively eliminate or reduce the quantity of unqualified products, delayed delivery or insufficient delivery in the future.

There is a saying: the secret of success is to associate with the strong. The market competition is fierce, please work with the strong; if you work with the strong, you will be stronger! When choosing a glass bottle manufacturer, follow this "rule". For high-end cosmetics, please choose to work with "excellent" glass bottle manufacturers!

*Maypak packaging is Glass Bottle Packaging Manufacturer and has been focusing on Glass Bottle Packaging for more than 17 years and was established in 2006,the company enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. If you have any questions about lipstick tubes, please contact us.

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