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July 18, 2023

Let me introduce our company first:

Yuyao Maypak Packaging Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a modern and professional enterprise integrating product design, R & D, production and sales. The company is located in Yuyao City, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in a convenient location with a plant and production area of more than 15000 square meters.

Maypak packaging has two factories operating for more than 17 years and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. Our main products include Trigger Sprayers, Plastic pumps, plastic caps, Airless Bottles, lotion bottles, Spray Bottles, lipstick tubes, air cushion powder jars, makeup remover bottles and other cosmetic products. Innovative design concept, high-tech production equipment and professional one-stop service are the foundation of our survival.

We adhere to strict production standards and excellent quality management . While continuously improving production efficiency, we strictly control product quality so that customers can receive products that exceed their expectations. We have a strong design and quality team, which can save customers' worry and effort. At present, it has designed and developed more than 100 new products with well-known brands at home and abroad, and has many patents and unique market products.                    
Every product of Maypak is the collaboration of Maypak team. People oriented, regard quality as the life of the enterprise, and adhere to the concept of "customer first and reputation first". Choosing Maypak is to choose to rest assured.

   How should we prepare for customer inspection?   

Friends who are engaged in foreign trade know that if foreign customers request to visit the company, there is a high probability of closing orders, so everyone attaches great importance to foreign customers' visits. In fact, it is also very skillful to do reception. Paying more attention to details can leave a very good impression on the guests and increase the confidence of success in future cooperation. Next, let us prepare for the reception work together.

   Before Factory Audit   

Before customers come to inspect the factory, the company needs to carry out a series of preparations. This is our preliminary preparation process:  

  1. 1. Determine the date and time of the factory inspection: negotiate with the customer to determine the specific date and time of the factory inspection. Make sure the company can arrange relevant resources during this period, and ensure that production and operations will not be too disrupted.

2. Communication and coordination: Communicate closely with customers to understand their expectations, requirements and concerns. Make sure that both parties have a clear understanding of the audit objectives and procedures. Negotiate and reach an agreement to ensure effective cooperation and a smooth factory inspection process.

3. Arrange the reception team: determine the company's reception team, including reception staff, project leaders and necessary technical personnel. They will be responsible for guiding the customer, providing necessary information and answering questions to ensure the customer's needs are met.

4. Prepare information and documents: According to customer requirements, prepare relevant information and documents, such as company introduction, product specifications, quality control system documents, certification certificates, etc. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of these documents and provide translated versions when required.

5. Review and clean up the factory site: Check and clean up all areas of the factory to ensure that the production workshop, laboratory, display area, etc. are in a clean and safe state. Do a good job in environmental improvement and safety measures to leave a good impression on customers.

6. Check the status of equipment and facilities: Check and maintain the equipment and facilities of the factory to ensure that they are in good operating condition. If necessary, carry out necessary repair and maintenance work to ensure that customers can see the best production conditions during the factory inspection.

7. Training factory employees: Provide relevant training to factory employees so that they understand the purpose, process and requirements of the factory inspection. Training covers etiquette, skills and knowledge to ensure employees present themselves professionally and enthusiastically in front of customers.

8. Arrange transportation and accommodation: According to the needs of customers, arrange transportation and accommodation for customers. Provide accurate pick-up service and comfortable accommodation conditions to ensure the convenience of customers' travel and rest.

9. Plan itinerary and meeting arrangements: Make a detailed itinerary, including factory visits, meetings, symposiums, etc. Coordinate time with team members, suppliers and customers to ensure smooth running of activities.

10. Ensure staffing and resource allocation: Ensure that the company has sufficient staff and resources to support the inspection process. Including receptionists, technicians, translators, quality inspectors, etc. And coordinate with relevant team members to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities.

The above is the general preliminary preparation process, and the specific preparation work will vary according to customer needs, industry requirements and the company's own situation. Throughout the preparation process, the company needs to efficiently coordinate the work of different departments to ensure that all details are in place to demonstrate the company's potential and professionalism.

   During Factory Audit   

Let me share the process of customer factory audit 1 week ago:

When foreign customers step into the gate of our factory, they are immediately attracted by the bustling scene. The interior of the factory is brightly lit, the equipment is running, and the employees are busy working. At the entrance to the facility, they are greeted by our warm welcome team.

Our business manager started to lead customers to visit the factory. They walked through the production workshop and witnessed various advanced machinery and equipment and the tacit cooperation of workers on the production line. Customers watch the production process, observe carefully and ask questions. Our business managers patiently explain the operation and principle of each link and answer customers' questions.

Afterwards, the customer had a discussion meeting with our technical manager and quality control team. Our technical manager gave detailed answers to technical questions raised by customers, and demonstrated our quality control measures and processes. Customers expressed their appreciation for our technical strength and quality management system.

During the factory inspection, the customer also visited our laboratory and quality inspection area. These places demonstrate our strong research and development capabilities and strict quality testing standards. Customers had discussions with our R&D team and learned about our latest R&D achievements and technological innovations.

Time flies, and the last link of the factory inspection is product quality inspection and testing. Our quality inspectors showed customers various testing equipment and testing methods, and demonstrated the process of product quality inspection. The customer is actively involved, carefully observing and evaluating the product in detail.

Throughout the factory inspection process, the customer has established a good interaction and cooperative relationship with our team. They spoke highly of our facilities and equipment and the professionalism of our staff, and expressed their appreciation for our achievements.

On final departure, the client expressed his gratitude and admiration to our team. They are full of confidence in our company's production capacity, technical level and product quality, and expressed their hope to establish a long-term partnership with us in the future.

The whole factory inspection scene is full of vigor and cooperation atmosphere. Our team is willing to listen to customers' needs, and constantly strives to improve product quality and service levels to meet foreign customers' expectations and requirements.

   What needs to be done after auditing the factory   

That's what we're doing now:   

1. Factory inspection report and summary: sort out relevant records and data in the factory inspection process, and prepare a detailed factory inspection report. The report should include the customer's requirements, the actual performance of the factory, the problems found and the improvement measures, etc. The summary section of the report should highlight the company's strengths and cooperation intentions.

2. Sort and respond to customer feedback: According to the questions and feedback raised by customers during the factory inspection process, carefully reply and provide solutions one by one. Make sure the client gets a satisfactory response while providing further support and consultation as necessary.

3. Confirm cooperation intention and business negotiation: According to the factory inspection results and customer feedback, further confirm the cooperation intention of both parties. Arrange business negotiations, discuss business details such as order quantity, price, delivery deadline, and contract terms, and reach a final cooperation agreement.

4. Implement improvement measures: formulate and implement improvement measures according to the problems found in the factory inspection and customer requirements. This may include aspects such as process optimization, quality control process improvements, equipment upgrades or personnel training. Ensure that the company continues to improve and improve under the customer's factory inspection standards.

5. Follow up and maintain customer relationship: After the factory inspection, the company needs to maintain good communication and cooperation with customers. Regularly follow up on customer needs and requirements, solve problems and provide support in a timely manner. Promote long-term and stable cooperation by establishing reliable partnerships.

6. Implement compliance requirements: According to the compliance requirements and findings in the factory inspection, further improve and rectify the company's business license, quality management system, environment and social responsibility. Ensure that the company complies with international standards and regulatory requirements.

7. Prepare for the next stage of cooperation: According to the cooperation agreement and the needs of customers, make preparations for the next stage of cooperation. This may include aspects such as product sample submissions, marketing plans, order management and delivery arrangements.

While the factory audit process can be exhausting, it is important to ensure supply chain compliance and quality. Through serious efforts and cooperation, customers can provide qualified and reliable products to the company and consumers.

*Maypak packaging is Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer and has been focusing on Cosmetic Packaging for more than 17 years and was established in 2006,the company enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. If you have any questions about lipstick tubes, please contact us.

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