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What is Cosmetic Packaging Cosmetic Tube Articles? - Maypak

April 24, 2023

1. Tube includes and material classification

Cosmetic Tube generally includes: Tube + outer cap. The tube is often made of PE plastic (Unlike plastic bottles / plastic jars, they have many plastic types), and there are also aluminum-plastic tubes, all-aluminum tubes, and environmentally friendly paper-plastic tubes.

*All plastic Tube: The whole tube is made of PE material. After pulling out the tube, it will be cut and offset printed, silk screen printed and hot stamped. According to the tube head, it can be divided into round tube, flat tube and oval tube. Seals can be divided into straight seals, diagonal seals, opposite-sex seals, etc.

*Aluminum-Plastic Tube: two layers inside and outside, the inside is made of PE material, and the outside is made of aluminum, packaged and cut before coiling. According to the tube head, it can be divided into round tube, flat tube and oval tube. Seals can be divided into straight seals, diagonal seals, opposite-sex seals, etc.

*Pure Aluminum Tube: pure aluminum material, recyclable and environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform, just think about the toothpaste tube used in childhood (post-80s). But it is relatively unique and easy to shape memory points. The most typical one is the aluminum tube packaging material of Aesop Skin Care.

2. Classified by product thickness

According to the thickness of the tube, it can be divided into single-layer tube, double-layer tube, and five-layer tube, which are different in terms of pressure resistance, penetration resistance and hand feeling. Single-layer tubes will be thinner; double-layer tubes are more commonly used; five-layer tubes are high-end products, consisting of an outer layer, an inner layer, two adhesive layers, and a barrier layer. Features: It has excellent gas barrier performance, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odorous gases, and at the same time prevent the leakage of the fragrance and active ingredients of the contents.

3. Classification according to tube shape

According to the tube shape, it can be divided into: round tube, oval tube, flat tube, super flat tube, etc.

4. The diameter and height of the Tube

The caliber of the Tube is from 13# to 60#. When a certain caliber Tube is selected, different capacity characteristics are marked with different lengths. The capacity can be adjusted from 3ml to 360ml. For the caliber below #, 100ml and 150ml usually use 35#-45# caliber, and the capacity above 150ml needs to use 45# or above caliber.

5. Tube cap

Tube caps have various shapes, generally divided into flat caps, round caps, high caps, flip caps, ultra-flat caps, double-layer caps, spherical caps, lipstick caps, plastic caps can also be processed in a variety of processes, gilding edges, Silver edge, colored caps, transparent, oil-sprayed, electroplated, etc., pointed caps and lipstick caps are usually equipped with inner plugs. The Tube cap is an injection molded product, and the Tube is a pull tube. Most hose manufacturers do not produce Tube caps themselves.

6. Manufacturing process

•Tube body: the tube can be colored tube, transparent tube, colored or transparent frosted tube, pearl tube, and there are matte and glossy, matte looks elegant but easy to get dirty. The color of the tube body can be directly produced by adding color to plastic products, and some are printed in large areas. The difference between colored tubes and large-area printing on the tube body can be judged from the incision at the tail. The white incision is a large-area printing tube. The ink requirements are high, otherwise it is easy to fall off and will crack and reveal white marks after being folded.

•Tube printing: silk screen printing (use spot color, small and few color blocks, same as plastic bottle printing, need color registration, commonly used in professional line products) and offset printing (similar to paper printing, large color blocks and many colors) , Daily chemical line products are commonly used.) There are bronzing and hot silver.

7. Tube production cycle and minimum order quantity

Generally, the cycle is 15-20 days (starting from the confirmation of the sample tube). The order quantity for a single product is 5,000-10,000. Large-scale manufacturers usually use 10,000 as the minimum order quantity. Very few small manufacturers have many varieties. The minimum order quantity of 3,000 products is also acceptable. Few customers open their own molds. Most of them are public molds (a few special lids are private molds). The contract order quantity and actual supply quantity are ±10 in this industry. % deviation.

8. Price and license fee

The quality of the Tube is different from the manufacturer, and there is a big difference in the price. The plate-making fee is usually 200-300 yuan per color, and the tube body can be printed in multiple colors and silk screen. Some manufacturers have thermal transfer equipment and technology. Hot stamping and silver hot stamping are calculated based on the unit price of the area. The effect of silk screen printing is better, but the cost is more expensive and there are fewer manufacturers. Different manufacturers should be selected according to the needs of different levels.

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