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Under the epidemic, consumers have three needs for portable disinfection spray packaging - Maypak


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made people more vigilant about hygiene issues in all aspects of life. In order to better understand the changes in consumer behavior habits, preferences and demand priorities under the epidemic, Aptar Beauty and Home Furnishing Division conducted consumer surveys in many countries around the world last year. Data shows that consumer demand for portable surface disinfectants has increased significantly, and this demand will continue even after the epidemic is over in the future. And as more and more consumers increase their demand for disinfectant and the frequency of use, they will also begin to pursue the sense of use brought by the product packaging itself.

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1.  Leak Proof                                                                                          

Packaging "leakage" is one of the biggest pain points consumers encounter on business trips. The data shows that 70% of respondents selected "leak-proof" as one of their most important metrics when choosing a portable sanitizer. Aerosol cans with self-locking valve buttons, can not only greatly reduce the accidental leakage of consumers in backpacks, but also reduce the risk of leakage caused by falling in the e-commerce transportation environment. The strong feedback when rotating self-locking can also help to avoid false spray caused by not closing in place during operation.

2.  Ease of use                                                                                         

60% of respondents said they sanitize surfaces they can touch when they are in supermarkets, public transport and restaurants, proving that their choice of sanitizer must be easy and quick to use . For those brands seeking to provide convenience to consumers, they can still choose aerosol cans with a lidless, self-locking button, so that consumers can easily and quickly spray the disinfectant without removing the lid.

In fact, in the product line of many famous manufacturers, there is another option, that is, the spray pump, because its spray duration is three times that of traditional spray, which can greatly increase the coverage - this one is also in the research Additional needs of consumers are highlighted.

3.  Portability                                                                                          

In terms of packaging format, aerosol cans and aerosol pumps are the top choice among respondents in terms of portability, with 85% of respondents saying 50ml and 75ml packs are the best for them to carry around . In addition, as long as the needs of consumers for portability are met, the impact of packaging forms on consumer choices is actually not large.

But for those brands looking for a new packaging solution for their portable sanitizer spray, the "S" is also available in a small and chic form factor that can work with alcohol or other water-based formulations and is available in a variety of small, sophisticated travel sizes The volume can be selected, such as 3.5ml, 5ml, 7.5ml and 10ml. The "S" also has a threaded finish, which also allows consumers to refill at home after using them with them.

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