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Smaller, bigger, unpredictable? 3 big packaging design trends that will be reborn in 2022 - Maypak


Packaging trends are a bit like reincarnation - they're constantly being reborn, again and again. Each time, however, they have developed in more complex and promising ways. Many are looking forward to 2022, hoping that the COVID situation will finally end, shelves will refill and brands will discover new and profitable ways to befriend the planet. At the same time, to complement our hopes for the new year, we need to add a healthy sense of reality. Based on this spirit, there are three packaging trends you must not miss.

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  1. 1.  Less, Less                                                                                                                                                                                         

The idea behind minimalist packaging is simple: in a retail setting, where everything on the shelf screams for your attention, and it is the laid-back packaging that stands out most, minimalist design has other inherent Advantage.

Steve Lamoreaux, founder and CEO of Designanalytics, said the company focuses on packaging design performance data research. He believes that the potential impact of minimalism on communication is huge, because nearly 90 percent of the time, communication performance is aligned with sales performance. This comes from an analysis of Designalytics' redesigned database. But it's not all bad - Lamoureux cites examples of brands like Dark Horse and Sam Adams who have made very strategic cuts to their designs with considerable success.

"Minimalism," he added, "is the most effective and intuitive way to reduce distractions and allow consumers to focus on what's important.

2.  Bundling                                                                                                                                                                                         

Amazon presents an excellent opportunity for brands to sell bundles and actually increase their brand’s sales. Everyone who buys on the platform knows the phrase, "often buy together" and their algorithms will assemble a batch for you. A recent sales article, note, “Bundles must be made up of highly complementary items. When a brand offers a unique bundle, the result is a win-win for both the brand and the consumer. Bundles are a very Good way to pair several lower priced items and actually realize a profit.

The key for designers is to make sure that the client's product is suitable for bundling. In other words, the product should look like it was put together. Understanding the world of e-commerce is critical to success.

3.  Luxury Brand Extension                                                                                                                                                               

Everyone is talking about expanding product lines, which is especially important for legacy brands. Take the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie, which Kellogg bought out of bankruptcy in 1996, but it has long been considered a one-time pickup item in convenience stores.

Recently, the brand has taken an interesting approach to refresh its positioning with premiumisation. Its mission is to reinvigorate the brand's image, reconnect with consumers, and attract new consumers. New owner Ferrero has brought Famous Amos back to life with the launch of three varieties, all using premium ingredients such as coconut, hazelnut and white chocolate, while also looking for other brands to use the same premium upgrades in the near future.

Just a reminder here, if your brand has too many extensions, they tend to get mixed up on the shelf and lose differentiation. Make sure each extension is unique enough to communicate the new experience to consumers.

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