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Spray bottle, this packaging form is more and more exposed to us in our daily life. Many plastic toner bottles, cosmetic plastic bottles, etc. use the spray head type.

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Generally, PET plastic bottles and PE plastic bottles are the main ones. Different from the traditional bottle cap sealing, the liquid packaged in the spray bottle is presented by squeezing and spraying.This change is very convenient for people. For some products that need to be applied, the packaging becomes more user-friendly by spraying.

For a spray plastic bottle, how to judge its advantages, we think there are the following aspects.First of all, the nozzle design of the spray head packaged in the spray bottle, the liquid particles sprayed by a good spray bottle must be fine and uniform, which is the first and foremost judgment.Especially for medical packaging, spraying the affected area evenly is more scientific and precise for the control of medication. Secondly, at that time, it was whether it was convenient to squeeze the nozzle of the spray bottle, and whether the force was moderate, because the squeezing required a lot of force, which would definitely be unpopular for girls. Third, it was whether the tube in the nozzle of the spray bottle could be Squeeze out the liquid in the spray bottle every time, and there will be no residue and residue, which is also a very important point.

Only with continuous improvement can spray bottles gain opportunities in food packaging, chemical packaging and other fields in the future.

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