Lotion Pump


When purchasing a product that includes a lotion pump, we should know that during the pressing process, its head needs to pass through its connected dare to drive the piston through the action of the compression spring for use. During the process of compressing the spring, the lotion pump The outer wall of the piston tends to be fully opened through the friction of the inner cavity wall, and liquid will appear in the discharge hole of the piston head. When the piston moves downward, the air inside will be discharged from the piston head go.

We can completely discharge the air in the inside through multiple pressing, and then press the head with the hand, through the action of the piston head piston connecting rod and the compression spring, the internal air is discharged, and at this time loosen it with the hand Open the pressure head of the lotion pump, at this time the spring will lose the pressure effect and move downward again, and at this time the piston moves downward through the friction of the inner wall so that the discharge hole is closed, at this time the liquid storage gun inside it A hollow state will be formed, and the ball valve will be lifted up. At this time, the liquid in the bottle will be sucked into the liquid storage chamber through the action of the straw, and the liquid will be absorbed by pressing the head of the lotion pump multiple times. The liquid can be stored in the cylinder until there is no gap, and at this time, as long as the head of the lotion pump is pressed again, the liquid can be sprayed directly from the mouth through the discharge hole, which is the working principle of the lotion pump.


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