Lotion Plastic Bottle

The usage of Lotion Plastic Bottle is the highest in the market. The lids of this type of Lotion Pump Bottle is mainly lotion pump and inner plug, which have good sealing performance and can ensure safety and sanitation. Because the lotion pump is obtained by pressing, it can effectively control the amount of lotion extruded and will not cause waste of resources. It is very popular in the market and has a high penetration rate. It is very convenient for consumers to use.

Lotion Plastic Bottle material: Cosmetic lotions have a water content of about 10% to 80% and have a certain degree of fluidity. Therefore, the penetration rate of push-type plastic lotion bottles is the highest. The plastic Lotion Pump Bottle is mostly made of PET. PET lotion bottle can be solid color or transparent color, the light transmittance reaches 90%, and the heat aging resistance, weather resistance and stability are very good. Therefore, PET has become the material of choice for lotion bottle manufacturers.

Capacity: The lotion is mainly consumed by women, and its exquisite appearance and personalized customization are very important indicators. In addition, portability is also very important, because small bottles are needed to be easy to carry when going out, so the capacity of current lotion bottles is generally around 60ml~120ml. The purpose is to adapt to the way of use of consumers and meet the needs of consumers..

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