Lotion Cosmetic Bottle


The lotion cosmetic bottle is also used to hold cosmetic liquids, but its pump head has a straw through which the liquid can be pressed out.

Commonly used plastic types for lotion cosmetic bottle include: PP, ,PS, PE,PET, PETG, AS, ABS, acrylic, etc:

1. PP material is high polymer polypropylene, plastic is high molecular compound, non-toxic, harmless, no peculiar smell, good heat resistance, cold resistance, good chemical stability, chemical properties are stable when encountering strong acid and strong alkali Not easy to change.

2. PE: polyethylene. The material is basically opaque, the material will be softer, and it is not as smooth as PET.

3. PET is polyethylene terephthalate, which belongs to thermoplastic polyester. It has a smooth and shiny surface, can resist friction, has good dimensional stability and high hardness, but it is not resistant to hot water soaking and alkali resistance. The material is environmentally friendly, with high barrier properties, light weight, unbreakable properties, chemical resistance, and strong transparency. It can be made into pearlescent, colored, magnetic white, and transparent. It is widely used in gel water.

4. The transparency of PETG is better than that of PET, but it is not commonly used in China, the cost is high, the waste is high, and it can be formed once and cannot be recycled. PETG is used in various permanent daily necessities, such as cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, pharmaceutical packaging containers and so on. Compared with PET, PETG has higher transparency, better chemical resistance, better oil resistance, and better weather resistance (yellowing) performance than PET. The procurement cost of PETG is 2-3 times that of PET.

5. AS: AS, also known as SAN, styrene acrylonitrile copolymer, has higher impact strength and excellent heat resistance, oil resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance than polystyrene (PS). The hardness is not high, relatively brittle (there is a crisp sound when knocked), good transparency, and can be directly in contact with cosmetics and food. In ordinary lotion bottles and vacuum bottles, it is generally the material of the bottle body, and it can also be made into small-capacity ones. Cream jar. It is transparent. Cream bottle, powder case, eye shadow case.

6. ABS: It belongs to engineering plastics, which is not environmentally friendly and has high hardness. It cannot be directly in contact with cosmetics and food. In acrylic cosmetic packaging materials, it is generally used for inner covers and shoulder covers. The color is yellowish or milky white.

7. Acrylics: Thick and hard, the most glass-like thing is acrylic.

The acrylic material is injection molded bottle, which has poor chemical resistance. Generally, the paste cannot be filled directly. It needs to be equipped with an inner liner to prevent the filling from being too full, so as to prevent the paste from entering between the inner liner and the acrylic bottle to avoid Cracks, high packaging requirements during transportation, because it looks particularly obvious after being scratched, has high permeability, and feels very thick on the upper wall, but the price is quite expensive.


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