Maypak Packaging Specialized in Cosmetic Packaging Containers and Cosmetic Bottles Wholesale


1We do 100% automatic machine detection during production & 5% artificial sampling before packaging.

2Customers can contact us within 24 hours via Email, Whats App,Wechat,etc.

3We can design new products according to customers' needs & provide open-mold services.

4We can help you open molds,design new products meet your customized needs, match bottles.

5We can quickly respond to customers'after-sales problems.We have professional & complete after-sales service system.

6We provide free samples, but express fee is on the buyer's account.

  • Yuyao Maypak Packaging Co., Ltd ---AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY MACHINE

    Maypak designs, develops and manufactures plastic and metal dispensers and packages, for the cosmetic, personal care and general merchandise industries. Our packaging products include: Plastic fine mist sprayers, Metal crimp sprayers, Regular and mini trigger sprayers, Lotion and treatment pumps, Airless dispensing containers, Glass and plastic bottles, as well as Plastic tubes.

  • Yuyao Maypak Packaging Co., Ltd ---PRODUCTION BASE

    Talent attraction and technological innovation deeply

    strengthened the development of daily necessities category, skin care category, make-up

    category and other concurrent large-scale production. It enhanced the firm to draw a competitive big picture.

  • Yuyao Maypak Packaging Co., Ltd ---MARKETING CENTER

    Through the operation of "VI design, scientific and

    technological innovation, improvement of brand service, harmonious development of solid

    foundation", the firm made steady progress and laid the foundation for the development of a

    cosmetics packaging giant.


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