Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are plastic bottles that can artificially create fog. To put it simply, the high-pressure system sprays the liquid with very fine water particles. These tiny artificial fog particles can drift and suspend in the air for a long time, thus forming a white fog-like spectacle, which is very similar to the effect of natural fog, called spray . A spray is a mixture of tiny particles suspended in a gas (such as air), which may be tiny droplets of water or paint.

In a spray bottle, a liquid and a gas that can be ejected as tiny particles are stored under pressure. Traditionally, aerosol cans of gases called chlorofluorocarbons, which we now know are harmful to the environment, were carried in spray cans. Spray bottles are now using other types of gases. However, the manual spray bottle is still the best, because it not only has the function of spraying, but also uses the principle of air to spray liquid, which will not cause harm to the environment.

The other type is just to present the lotion in the form of a spray, which has the advantage of saving the amount of use, and it is cleaner without sticking hands. Regardless of hot spring water or mist lotion, although it is refreshing and comfortable to spray, if you do not apply moisturizing lotion or face cream, the moisture on the skin surface will be taken away after evaporation, and it will be even drier.

Plastic spray bottles can be used in various places such as ordinary households, barber shops, service places, etc., and can be used to hold various cosmetic liquids, pharmaceutical liquids, etc. The bottle cap is equipped with a spray bottle cap, which is extremely versatile.

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